Writing Business Letter ( Tugas Bhs.Inggris)


Writing Business Letter

            There are two main styles of business letters:

Full block style: Align all elements on the left margin.

Modified block style: Down the middle of the page, align the return addres, date, closing, signature, and typed name; align other elements on the left page margin.

The followings are the elements of a standard business letter and their  functions.

Your address ( or the address of the company  you represent ). If you are using preprinted stationary, there is no need to retype the information.

Leave two blank lines after the return address. Always spell out the month and include the day, a comma , and the year.

Leave two blank lines after the date. Then type the address of the person or company to whom you are writing.

Type dear, followed by the person’s name. End the line with a comma. If you don’t know the name of the person, use a title instead ( i. e., Dear Editor, Dear Madam ).

Align your message on the left margin. Skip a line before starting a new paragraph, but do not indent the paragraph’s first line. Make sure that each paragraph is clear and concise.

Leave two lines of space after your last boddy paragraph, then use a conventional closing, followed by a comma ( i. e., Sincelery,  Sincelery Yours , Respectfully ).

Your signature  should appear below your closing . Unless you have established a personal relationship with the person tou are writing , use both your first and last name.


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