Download Eyeshield21 episode 14 sub indonesia

official Video of  AFEsub

oficial afe sub suchthangsberbagi


“The Scorching Hell Tower”
“Shakunetsu no HELL TOWER” (灼熱のHELL TOWER (ヘル タワー))

Due to a great number of applicants for the American Football Club, Hiruma decides to hold a try-out. He rents the Tokyo Tower for the whole day in order to hold the activity. Any hopeful must reach the top of the tower with at least one ice cube with him. As if the height of the tower alone is not enough, Hiruma places obstacles along the way, ranging from the Guard Dog of Hell (Hiruma’s pet Cerberus) to the Guard of Hell himself (Hiruma), although only the cheaters get to meet the Guard. Kurita finds an apprentice in Komusubi, and four more players are accepted, including the Ha-Ha Brothers.


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link eyeshield21 eps 14


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  1. Andi Fadli says:

    Thanks Link Nya !!!

    • sama..????

jangan lupa Komentarnya di sini.... !!!

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