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“Farewell Kurita?!”
“Sayonara, Kurita!?” (さよなら、栗田!?)

Kurita has been accused by shop owners of ruining their decorations for a festival. Knowing that the Devil Bats will be disqualified for the Christmas Ball if one of the members has to face disciplinary action, Kurita withdraws from the team. Other Devil Bats members look for the real culprits to make them confess so that Kurita does not have to leave the team. With the help of the two American girls who were being bullied by the culprits the night of the disaster, Kurita’s name is cleared. At the end of the episode, it is revealed through a TV broadcast that the Statue of Liberty is carrying a flag that informs the public of the current recruitment for the Devil Bats. The team understands that Hiruma asked the girls to fly back to Japan from New York in order to act as Kurita’s witnesses.


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