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“The Kid and Iron Horse”
“KIDDO & AIAN HOOSU” (キッド&アイアンホース)

The Deimon Devil Bats are going to hold a barbecue lunch. However, it is still part of the training Hiruma wants to give the new teammates. Hiruma orders them to memorize passing routines for football. Hiruma tosses out the meat as though he is passing the ball, so whoever has memorized the routines gets to eat the meat. In order to make his teammates understand how important memorizing passing routines is, Hiruma takes them to the game between the Oujou White Knights and the Seibu Wild Gunmen. Kid and the Iron Horse belong to the Gunmen, and because the Iron Horse knows all of his routines well, the Gunmen are in the lead. Oujou still wins, however, because the Iron Horse has to sit half of the game out.


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