Download Eyeshield21 episode 18 sub indonesia

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oficial afe sub suchthangsberbagi


“A Slacker’s Pride”
“Rokudenashi no PURAIDO” (ろくでなしのプライド)

A magazine publishing company needs a Japanese football team to compete against an American team, and thus holds a contest for it. Hiruma applies, but finds out that the editor has already decided that it will be the Taiyou Sphinx who will compete against the NASA Aliens. Back at the school, the Huh-huh Brothers have already decided that they are quitting the team even though Hiruma is still blackmailing them with their naked pictures. In a restaurant, they hear some members of the Taiyou Sphinx talking about how useless they are as defensive linemen. The brothers are beaten up by a Sphinx member, and to get revenge, decide to return to the team and help the Devil Bats defeat the Sphinx.


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link eyeshield21 eps 18

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Internet IDM 6.14 Full-Patch


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2 Responses to Download Eyeshield21 episode 18 sub indonesia

  1. noor azmi fachri says:

    link nya mati juga nih gan

    • udah tuh gan, ada link alternativenya sekarang.!!!!!

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