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22 “A Mysterious Girl Appears!”
“Nazo no shōjo arawaru” (謎の少女 現る)
September 7, 2005
A sixteen-year-old expert inline skater and part-time reporter named Taki Suzuna is searching for Eyeshield 21’s real identity, stalking the Devil Bats team. She challenges him to race her, starting from a shrine all the way to the bottom of the hill. Sena has no choice but to accept, because if he doesn’t, she’ll write an article on how spineless he is. But when an accident occurs, Sena has to save Suzuna before she plunges to her death in the forest below.
23 “The Weightless Man!”
“Mujoryoku no otoko” (無重力の男)
September 7, 2005
The American team accepts the game against the Deimon Devil Bats. Sena and a man called Panther each learn how fast the other is. Wanting to go up against each other, they do their best to ensure total victory for their team. There is one problem, though: the American coach hates Panther, and won’t let him play. The only hope for Panther to play against Sena lies in the capture of a cat.


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