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“Ultimate Combo! The Devil Gunmen!”
“Kessei, DEBIRU GANMANZU” (結成·デビルガンマンズ!)

Hiruma orders the members of Devil Bats to go to the beach. Sena, Mamori, and Monta come across the Seibu Wild Gunmen’s coach and Kid. They form a five-man team that will compete in a beach football game for the prize of a Texan beef carcass and $1000. Due to Mamori’s presence, Sena cannot perform well. After a while, Tetsuma arrives to wake Kid up (he was ordered by Kid to wake him up after three hours) and thus replaces the coach. Hiruma, who is trying to convince an old man to be the Devil Bats’ coach, sees the Wild Gunmen and replaces Mamori. They win the tournament, and the old man tells Hiruma that he is going to think about the offer.


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