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“At the Gates of Hell!”
“Jigoku e no kyoukaizen” (地獄への境界線)

The Devil Bats are resting at the Wild Gunmen ranch. The coach has agreed to train them. Hiruma mentions that Deimon does not allow extracurricular activities after the second year so it’s his and Kurita’s last chance for the Christmas Bowl. That means they must improve in 40 days, not 405 (a year plus 40). Hiruma says the team must do the death march and that he will complete it even if it kills him. On the day the Devil Bats are supposed to return to Japan, the whole team chooses to go through the death march along with Hiruma and Kurita.


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  1. adex says:

    eyeshield 21 episode 31 kok gag bisa d download

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